Supreme Court Revisits Standard for Awarding Attorneys’ Fees in Copyright Cases
April 28, 2016
Post by Brandon W. Clark

Post By Brandon W. Clark Earlier this week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments addressing the relevant standard for awarding attorneys’ fees in cases involving copyright law. The Court’s ruling, expected later this spring, will likely have a significant impact on copyright litigation cases. Section 505 of the Copyright Act provides that a district court “may” award a reasonable attorney’s fee to a “prevailing p....... Read More

Trade Secret Law Update (House Passes the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016)
April 28, 2016
Post by Xiaohong Liu, Ph.D.

Are You Ready? The Defend Trade Secret Act is Coming! Today, the House of Representative passed the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) of 2016 by a vote of 410-2, as previously anticipated.The Senate already passed the DTSA on April 4th. The next step for the DTSA to become law of the land is the signature of the President, who issued a statement earlier (available here) to indicate his full support for this....... Read More

USPTO Issues Rule Amendments for Trials Before PTAB
April 07, 2016
Post by Laura L. Hupp

Post By Laura L. Hupp The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued finalized amendments to the rules for trials before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. The updated rules were issued in a Federal Register Notice on April 1, 2016, which may be found here. The rules put into final form most of the amendments proposed on August 20, 2015, which pertain to inter partes review (IPR), covered business ....... Read More

UPDATE: Will the U.S. Enact a Federal Trade Secret Law?
April 07, 2016
Post by Jill N. Link, Pharm.D.

Post By Jill N. Link, Pharm.D. The Filewrapper® series relating to all things trade secrets has previously updated the status of proposed federal trade secret legislation (available here). As previously reported there appears to be sufficient legislative support to enact legislation to establish a single, national standard for trade secret misappropriation with transparent procedural rules. The Senate ....... Read More

Do I have a trade secret, confidential information or patentable subject matter? (Part 5 of Trade Secret Series)
April 04, 2016
Post by Jill N. Link, Pharm.D.

Post By Jill N. Link, Pharm.D. In this fifth installment of the Filewrapper® series on trade secrets we begin to dive into the differences between confidential information, a trade secret and patentable subject matter. Here is a hint—they are not mutually exclusive. Moreover, the decision to should protect an asset as a trade secret as opposed to a patent may be a difficult one.  This post follo....... Read More

Tracking the Mayo Effect: Study Examines Personalized Medicine Patent Applications after SCOTUS Decision
April 04, 2016
Post by Daniel M. Lorentzen, Ph.D.

Post By Daniel M. Lorentzen, Ph.D. The US Supreme Court decided Mayo Collaborative Servs. v. Prometheus Labs. in 2012, effectively redefining the scope of patent eligible subject matter, particularly with respect to biotechnology and personalized medicine. Subsequent decisions by the Court in Myriad and Alice have confirmed what many prognosticators had predicted: a wide-spread broadening of the judicially-....... Read More

PTAB's Interpretation of 35 USC 315(b) Continues to Stand: Dismissal Without Prejudice Effectively Nullifies the One Year Bar to Bring an IPR
March 30, 2016
Post by Jonathan L. Kennedy

Post By Jonathan L. Kennedy The USPTO's Patent Trial and Appeal Board's holding that the voluntary dismissal of a lawsuit, without prejudice, effectively nullifies the service of the complaint for purposes of triggering the one year bar in 35 U.S.C. § 315(b) to petition for the institution of an inter partes review (IPR) stands in Shaw Indus. Grp. v. Automated Creel Sys. after the Federal Circuit maintains that it....... Read More

"Unavailable" Joint Inventor after the America Invents Act
March 23, 2016
Post by Paul S. Mazzola

Post By Paul S. Mazzola All applications for United States patent must include an oath or declaration signed by each inventor. The oath or declaration must be furnished to the United States Patent and Trademark Office no later than the date on which the issue fee is paid, but preferably on the same day as the non-provisional application is filed to avoid payment of a surcharge. Provisional applications....... Read More

Happy National Agriculture Day
March 14, 2016

Post By Blog Staff March 14-18 is National Agriculture Week and today March 15th is National Agriculture Day. The law firm of McKee, Voorhees & Sease wishes to take this opportunity to recognize the dynamic and innovative agriculture industry. Being located in Des Moines, Iowa allows us to see day in and day out the advancements in the agricultural industries that surround us. We recognize and thank our many c....... Read More

Federal Circuit Recognizes Patent “Agent” Privilege
March 09, 2016
Post by Marcus A. Smetka

Post By Marcus A. Smetka The attorney-client privilege has not previously been extended to cover communications between U.S. patent applicants and non-attorney patent agents. That is about to change. In a recent decision, In re: Queen’s University at Kingston, the Federal Circuit recognized that communications between U.S. patent applicants and non-attorney patent agents should receive some degree of privilege. In....... Read More

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