USPTO Data Visualization CenterNovember 10, 2016

Have you ever wondered how long the typical time before a first Office Action in a pending patent or trademark application is?  Or am I the only one waiting for some months after filing an RCE to have my patent application reexamined?  Or what is the average length of time a patent application or trademark application is examined before allowance? 

The USPTO Data Visualization Center is a great resource if you have asked these types of questions.  The website is  There are five dashboards of information that are provided there: (1) Patents Dashboard, (2) Trademarks Dashboard, (3) Office of Policy and International Affairs Dashboard, (4) Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) Dashboard, and (5) Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) Dashboard.  Each of these dashboards provides fairly up to date information in a visual presentation making it easy to understand the data.  Each of these dashboards explores different information related to its specific topic.  Additionally, there are links on each dashboard so that you can download a PDF copy of the current dashboard or print it, which is nice because some of the visualizations are animated.

Additionally, as you get into specific areas within a particular dashboard, there are often links to further data visualizations or spreadsheets of data.  For example, in the Patent Dashboard, you can access information specific to individual art units in a spreadsheet, graphs of the average turn around time for a Non Final amendment over the past twelve months, how many patents are currently unexamined, how long the average wait time to a first office action is, the average total time a patent application is pending, the RCE backlog, and much more.

Overall this is a great resource to find recent information on a variety of topics at the USPTO.  It can help you understand trends in prosecution, expected timing for applications, and much more. 



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