USPTO changes address for Madrid Protocol applications and related papersApril 16, 2007

In a Federal Register notice today, the USPTO announced that it has changed its address for international trademark applications under the Madrid Protocol and related correspondence. The full list of affected papers includes:

International applications under § 7.11, subsequent designations under § 7.21, responses to notices of irregularity under § 7.14, requests to record changes in the International Register under § 7.23 and § 7.24, requests to note replacements under § 7.28, requests for transformation under § 7.31, and petitions to the Director to review an action of the Office’s Madrid Processing Unit.

These changes are effective immediately, but the notice indicates that submissions to the old address will still be accepted until October 31. The affected sections of the CFR are § 2.190 and § 7.4.

To read the full text of the notice, click here.

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