Technology Week in Iowa 2020June 19, 2020

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a proclamation designating the third week in June as Technology Week in Iowa with the first one taking place the week of June 22 – 26, 2020. In her proclamation Governor Reynolds stated:

Iowa has excelled in the advancement of technology from our countless startups to tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple. Iowa is home to a broad spectrum of industries. We are a state that loves to break barriers, push the envelope and exceed expectations. Iowa is one of the few states that offer a refundable tax credit on qualifying R&D activities. Our public universities leverage more than $750 million annually for those efforts paving the way for technology transfer. Iowa is just the place for businesses to build their technology framework for the future. Through continued public-private partnerships, we are putting companies on the fast track to success and to position Iowa as the silicone prairie of the heartland.  This is something to celebrate.

The full proclamation is available by following this video link:

We would like to recognize and thank all of our clients during Technology Week in Iowa for being an instrumental part of the great technology infrastructure here in Iowa.

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