Senate Judiciary Committee passes Patent Reform Act of 2007 out of committeeJuly 23, 2007

On Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed its version of the Patent Reform Act of 2007 (S. 1145, House version H.R. 1908) out of committee by a vote of 13-5. The bill is cosponsored by the chairman of that committee, Senator Patrick Leahy, who issued a press release regarding the passage.

As with the House version that also passed out of committee last week, the controversial damages apportionment provision remained in the bill in spite of opposition by many, including Chief Judge Michel of the Federal Circuit and a group of senators on the committee including Jon Kyl, who offered an amendment to remove the provision from the bill.

The two versions of the bill will now be considered by the full House and Senate. No word on when consideration may begin, but it will likely be after the August recess.

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