Pegasus Universal Aerospace’s Patents Vertical Business JetMarch 19, 2021

Pegasus Universal Aerospace (Pegasus UA) has recently acquired a U.S. patent for a newly developed vertical takeoff and landing business jet. The patent, U.S. Patent No. 10,710,713, names Dr. Mohamed Reza Mia as its sole inventor. Dr. Reza Mia also serves as Pegasus UA’s founder and chairman. The Johannesburg-based South Africa company seemingly hopes to disrupt the U.S. market with a vertical business jet (VBJ) that could potentially be used  to facilitate oil and platform operations, air taxiing, sea rescues, and air ambulance operations.

The company is in the process of building a full-scale hover demonstrator and possibly a two quarter-scale model as well. Pegasus UA’s main focus right now is testing the aerodynamics of any potential models with computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Efforts related to flight testing and certification are part of the long term plan but are presently deferred.

Aviation Today reports Pegasus UA CEO Robbie Irons states: “We’ve been to the highest levels in government, on numerous occasions various ministers to the highest level of the presidency to establish what their level of appetite is to support this program going forward.” Irons also states: “It all comes down to funding, we’d like to have it here but we’re getting enticed abroad at this time so we have to look at all various aspects.”

A rendition of the Pegasus UA’s VBJ can be found at: Pretty slick if you ask me!

Gregory “Lars” Gunnerson is a Patent Attorney in the Mechanical and Electrical Patent Practice Groups at McKee, Voorhees & Sease, PLC. For additional information please visit or contact Lars directly via email at

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