Peer to Patent “community” patent review officially launchesJune 18, 2007

The Peer to Patent project (previously blogged about June 7, March 5, and February 28) is now up and running for its one year trial period. As noted previously, only computer-related applications are eligible for this pilot program. Thus far, there are five applications in the system:

Members of the "community" reviewing each patent are identified by profession, and include students, computer professionals, legal professionals, laborers, and engineers. The review is still in its early stages, but some of the community members have already identified relevant prior art for some applications, and there is discussion on some of the applications as well.

Of course, the viability of this process depends on the willingness of those with experience in the field to donate their time to help the USPTO examine patents, and the quality of the submissions it produces to the USPTO. Time will tell if the level of participation and quality makes this program sustainable.

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