Patent Quality Forum Series – Kansas City, MO on Nov. 14, 2016November 2, 2016

Patent Quality Forum Series – Kansas City, MO on Nov. 14, 2016

Several senior USPTO executives will host one of the Patent Quality Forum Series at Kansas City, during which they will give presentations and hold panel discussions related to the Enhanced Patent Quality Initiative (EPQI).

USPTO establishes the EPQI and related work products, processes, services, and measures to ensure high-quality patents are being issued.  So far, 12 EPQI programs have been created based on feedback from internal and external stakeholders.  In the coming forum at Kansas City, the following programs will be discussed.

Clarity of the Record Pilot is aimed to identify and develop best practices for Examiners to enhance the clarity of the prosecution record, for example, to give clear claim construction statements and to provide clear information in interview summary.  For more information, please visit the webpage,

Post-Prosecution Pilot (P3), which launched on July 11th, explores a new after final program that combines features of the Pre-Appeal Brief Conference and After Final Consideration 2.0 pilot programs and adds in new features requested by stakeholders.  Using this program, the patentee can offer a 5-page argument after final rejection, and then participates in a 20-minute conference with a panel of three Examiners who then offer a written opinion.  For more information, please visit the P3 webpage,

The Post Grant Outcomes Program Pilot is aimed at putting related AIA trial proceedings, including their prior art, in front of the Examiners of pending related applications.  More information is on the Pilot webpage,

Learning more about these pilot programs from USPTO’s prospective and experience will benefit everyone who is interested in obtaining patents with better quality in USPTO. 

This forum will be held at Washington, DC, Milwaukee, Baton Rouge, and Portland in November as well.  More detail and registration information on the Forum at Kansas City is available at

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