Manufacturing Day in IowaOctober 2, 2020

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a proclamation declaring October 2 as Manufacturing Day in Iowa. The first Friday of October is the annual celebration of Manufacturing Day across the country. She signed the proclamation during the Association of Business and Industry (ABI) Advanced Manufacturing Conference earlier this week. The proclamation states:

Modern manufacturing is advancing human progress and providing rewarding careers for the people of Iowa. Manufacturing is important in Iowa, as the state is home to approximately 6,100 manufacturing firms, employing over 221,000 people who make an average of $56,080 in salary and benefits, Manufacturers are helping lead our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and national economic crisis. Manufacturers have been essential to our pandemic response as they mobilized in historic ways to produce protective equipment, to develop vaccines and treatments and to continue supplying our daily essentials. Manufacturers are investing and deploying the technologies of the future to make our lives better and strengthen our economy. According to a study by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte, manufacturers expect to fill 4.6 million jobs between now and 2028. Government, industry and communities need to encourage more young people to explore the possibilities of modern manufacturing and learn about the opportunities in the industry to lead early on in their careers, design, work in teams, use the latest technology and build the future. The economic future of Iowa depends on a strong, growing and competitive modern manufacturing industry. The Iowa Association of Business and Industry and its manufacturing members, along with the National Association of Manufacturers and others, seek to honor and recognize manufacturers. Manufacturing Day provides students, parents, teachers and community leaders a chance to see the promising career opportunities in modern manufacturing and for all people to come together to celebrate the contribution of modern manufacturing to Iowa.

Manufacturers host events for students, educators, parents and others to demonstrate the benefits of working in the manufacturing industry. Many events will be held virtually this year. The National Association of Manufacturers, a national partner of ABI, has a MFG Day website with information about events, stories, resources and more that members can utilize.

We would like to recognize and thank all of our clients on Manufacturing Day in Iowa for being an instrumental part of the great diversity of manufacturing throughout the state and the nation.

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