Jury Returns Verdict for Apple in Patent Infringement SuitMay 6, 2014

On Friday, May 2, 2014 a jury found Samsung Electronics Co. ("Samsung") liable for infringing two patents owned by Apple, Inc. ("Apple"). The two patents are U.S. Patent No.5,946,647, which is directed to systems and methods that analyze text for things that can be hyperlinked, e.g., email addresses, websites, and phone numbers, and then provides quick link options; and U.S. Patent No.8,046,721, which is directed to the touch-screen function of sliding a finger across the screen to unlock the display. The jury also concluded that Samsung did not infringe two other Apple patents—U.S. Patent No.6,847,959 (directed at a search function that allows a user to search both a device and the internet at the same time, also known as universal search) and U.S. Patent No.7,761,414 (directed at the data syncing functions capable of syncing data while the user is performing other tasks on the device)—and found Apple infringed one Samsung patent, U.S. Patent No.6,226,449 (directed at camera and folder organization displayed in a gallery format).

In total, Apple was awarded only $119 million of the approximately $2 billion in damages it had sought in this suit, and the majority of Apple's damage award (approximately $99 million) was from infringement of the '647 patent. Samsung was awarded $158,400 for Apple's infringement of the ' 449 patent. Thus, many commentators are arguing that despite Samsung's liability, the case was a victory for Samsung as it avoided a judgment nearing or greater than that awarded in August 2012 ($929 million, which is currently on appeal). It is expected that both Apple and Samsung will file post-verdict motions or appeal parts of this verdict.

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