Edmund J. Sease Conceives and Coordinates Important Drake Law Review Spring 2021 Intellectual Property Special Edition IssueJune 18, 2021

MVS is pleased to announce that Edmund J. Sease, intellectual property attorney and named partner, conceived and coordinated the Drake Law Review Spring 2021 Intellectual Property Special Edition Issue dedicated to controversial and timely patent law topics. This publication includes articles that are authored by several prominent people in this field of law including:

Honorable Chief Judge Paul R. Michel (ret) of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and Matthew J. Dowd, former clerk for Chief Judge Paul R. Michel (ret) and partner and founder of Dowd Scheffel, PLLC who write “From a Strong Property Right to a Fickle Government Franchise: The Transformation of the U.S. Patent System in 15 years”

Edmund J. Sease who writes about “Court Decisions and Recent Legislation are Creating a “Perfect Storm” Incentive for Inventors to Rely on Trade Secrets, Not Patents”

Sarah Hinchliffe, Associate Professor at Long Island University who writes about “Class 705 Business Methods Patents in the United States: A study from 1998 to 2010”

Professor Jason Rantanen, University of Iowa College of Law and Director of the Iowa Innovation, Business & Law Center and Madison Murhammer Colon, B.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Iowa, 2018 , J.D. Candidate, University of Iowa College of Law, 2021 who write about “Can Public Universities Patent Their Research?: The Tension Between Open Records Laws and Patentability”

“The purpose of this issue is not only to educate but to make you think. We live in an information age where there is a tsunami of information and no hierarchy of what is important and what is not,” states Edmund J. Sease. “Hopefully, you will be entertained and educated, and the articles will make you think: what should patent law be?”

Recently, Ed was recognized for his tremendous efforts in putting together this Drake Law Review special issue at an event held at the school. He was presented with a plaque that in part reads: The Drake Law Review recognizes Ed Sease, for overall support and dedication to the Drake Law Review during the 2020-2021 school year as selected by the Editorial Board and Staff Members of the Law Review. A copy of the publication can be found on the Drake Law Review website.

Richard Marsolais is the Business Development Director at McKee, Voorhees & Sease, PLC. To learn more, visit our MVS website , or contact Richard directly via email .

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