COVID-19 NLGRP closure and PVP concernsMarch 23, 2020

The National Laboratory for Genetic Resources (NLGRP) has temporarily closed due to COVID-19.  They are not accepting seed or tuber germplasm at this time.  They have requested that all germplasm deposits be delayed until further notice.

What do I do if I need to make a deposit for my PVP application?

If you have filed a PVP application and are approaching the deposit deadline, consider filing a request for deposit waiver due to infeasibility.   The USDA is currently accepting deposit waivers for infeasibility for  Cannabis seeds as the NLGRP does not accept Cannabis.  It seems the USDA will similarly accept deposit infeasibility for lack of acceptance due to COVID 19 closure. 

In other similar deposit concerns, the USDA has suspended all deposit requirements for tissue culture deposits for asexually produced plants for three  years. 

What does a deposit waiver require?

The deposit waiver request requires declarations that 1) propagating material will be maintained at a physical location so that PVPO can inspect and 2) that it will be provided within three months of request  by PVPO (presumably when the NLGRP re-opens).   

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