Celebrating World Food Safety Day – June 7, 2020June 7, 2020

As we celebrate World Food Safety Day, we applaud all our clients in providing food that maintains the highest safety standards. Safe eating is a goal for everyone, rich or poor, old or young. Since we need to be able to trust the food we eat is safe for all of us, World Food Safety Day was adopted to bring a focus to the great efforts made in the safety process. As a part of this process, the FDA plans to release its New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint outlining plans over the next decade to create a more digital, traceable, and safer food system. Stephen Hahn, FDA Commissioner and Frank Yiannas, the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for food policy and response, have written an article discussing this new blueprint and it can be found here. Making and keeping food safe contributes to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism, and sustainable development.

We are proud to support your efforts to feed America and the rest of the world and we greatly appreciate all of the work you do to maintain the highest food safety standards.

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