Buffett settles with alleged trademark infringerNovember 29, 2006

Jimmy Buffett reached a settlement with a man he accused of selling merchandise that infringed his trademarks. The alleged infringer, Robert Akard, was selling Buffett-themed merchandise via his website. The judge in the case ordered Mr. Akard’s website shut down until the conclusion of the case and to disclose how much money he had made via his online sales. On Monday, however, Mr. Akard was found to be in contempt of the judge’s order, and he was put in jail. Shortly after he was jailed for contempt, Mr. Akard reached an agreement with Mr. Buffett to stop selling merchandise bearing Mr. Buffett’s trademarks. Mr. Akard is permitted to sell other beach-themed merchandise via his website. This is a swift conclusion to this case, which was filed less than a month ago.

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