USPTO to Provide a Deferred-Fee Provisional Patent Application Pilot Program

By Luke T. Mohrhauser

In yet another effort to encourage innovation to combat COVID-19, the United States Patent and Trademark Office recently announced a pilot program that attempts to expedite the protection and disclosure of innovations. The pilot program, titled “Deferred-Fee Provisional Patent Application Pilot Program and Collaboration Database to Encourage Inventions Related to COVID-19”, allows inventors to file […]

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Fungal Fashion: Mycelium ‘Leather’

By Sarah M.D. Luth

Cultivation of fungi has occurred for thousands of years. Evidence of fermented beverages using yeast dates back to as early as 7000 BCE. In the modern era, fungi are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, plastics industry, and others. The fashion industry is increasingly seeking methods of making and incorporating sustainable […]

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Utility Models in China

By Gregory Lars Gunnerson

A utility model is a patent-like intellectual property right to protect inventions. American, Canadian, and British inventors and companies are often unaware that such rights exist, given that their laws do not allow for registration of these rights. Utility models are generally cheaper to obtain and maintain, have a shorter term (generally 6 to 15 […]

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Comparing Apples to Pears

Earlier this year, Apple, the holders of one of the strongest and most recognizable trademarks in the world, filed an opposition on the last day possible to a trademark application filed by Super Healthy Kids. Super Healthy Kids is a small business, currently only having around five employees, and created an iOS and Android application […]

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