Let’s Go Crazy: Legal Battle Heats Up Over Unreleased Prince Recordings
April 24, 2017
Post by Nicholas J. Krob

Post By Nicholas Krob On the anniversary of Prince’s death, a battle is being waged over the late musician’s work. Last week, Prince’s estate sued a sound engineer who was planning to release a six-song EP containing previously unreleased Prince recordings.  The estate alleged that this engineer, George Ian Boxill, was in unlawful possession of the recordings and did not have authorization to release them or ....... Read More

Did You Know WIPO Could Do That?
April 20, 2017
Post by Jill N. Link, Pharm.D.

Patent Offices around the world – including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office – are continually improving websites through enhanced user interfaces and also providing new tools. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is no exception. WIPO has long been a references for searching and downloading international applications, namely Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent applications. However, ....... Read More

Anticompetitive Practices or Protecting IP? 1-800 Contacts Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Keyword Advertising Agreements
April 13, 2017
Post by Nicholas J. Krob

Post By Nicholas Krob Contact lens company 1-800 Contacts is currently facing a class action lawsuit for agreements it allegedly entered into regarding online search advertising as early as 2004. Earlier this month, a class of consumers who had purchased contact lenses through the 1-800 Contacts website, including Florida resident Kathryn Champion, filed suit in federal court against the highly successful ....... Read More

Three Cheers for Copyrights: SCOTUS Establishes New Standard for Determining Separability
April 04, 2017
Post by Nicholas J. Krob

Post By Nicholas Krob On March 22, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling aimed at resolving “widespread disagreement” over an important aspect of copyright law. Under U.S. copyright law, “original works of art” are capable of protection, whereas “useful articles” are not.  However, the distinction between works of art and useful articles can often be hazy, particularly when the two are both present in th....... Read More

A Blessing and A Curse: Plant Variety Protection Act Enforcement
March 30, 2017
Post by Caitlin M. Andersen

Post By Caitlin M Anderson The concept of protecting and enforcing intellectual property associated with plants is nothing new to the attorneys of McKee, Voorhees, and Sease. In 2001, Ed Sease successfully argued the landmark decision ofJ.E.M. Ag Supply v. Pioneer Hi-Bred Int'l before the United States Supreme Court. In addressing the issue of whether plants could be protected under utility patent law, ....... Read More

The Supreme Court changes patent law again on how long can a plaintiff wait to file a patent infringement action
March 24, 2017
Post by Patricia A. Sweeney - Of Counsel

Post By Patricia Sweeney If a plaintiff files an infringement action against a defendant, federal law imposes a statute of limitations that there can be no recovery for infringement more than six years before filing of the complaint or counterclaim asserting infringement. 35 USC § 286. Separately, the concept of "laches"is a defense that can be used by a defendant to prevent enforcement of a paten....... Read More

USPTO Heightens Post-Registration Requirements for Trademarks
March 16, 2017
Post by Brandon W. Clark

Post By Brandon Clark The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently made changes to the post-registration requirements for U.S. trademark registrations. Effective March 21, 2017, the USPTO will implement a post-registration audit program intended to obtain additional evidence and ensure accuracy of claims that a trademark is in use in commerce in connection with the goods/services list....... Read More

Federal Circuit Affirms $7.5 Million Award in Telecommunications Suit
March 09, 2017
Post by Blog Staff

Post By Blog Staff On Tuesday, the Federal Circuit affirmed a $7.5 million jury verdict against Sprint in litigation over a series of Comcast patents addressing computer network technology assisting telephone calls. More specifically, the patents use Domain Name System (DNS) technology to identify a call destination, and route the calling party through a telecommunication system. Es....... Read More

Juggling your Patent Family to Keep Optimal Patent Life
February 20, 2017
Post by Patricia A. Sweeney - Of Counsel

Post By Patricia Sweeney You've filed a patent application that is to a broad, important aspect of your product, and also filed a continuing application to one version of that invention. The narrower second-filed application receives a notice of allowance. But before you pay the issue fee, it is worthwhile to consider whether this second narrower will impact the life of the parent fili....... Read More

Not so 'Black or White': IRS Takes on Michael Jackson
February 17, 2017
Post by Nicholas J. Krob

Post By Nicholas Krob How much is Michael Jackson worth?  This is one of the underlying questions currently being considered in U.S. Tax Court right now, as Michael Jackson's estate battles with the Internal Revenue Service over the late entertainer's estate taxes. The IRS served the Jackson estate with a notice of deficiency back in 2013 contesting the estate's valuation of various items follow....... Read More

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