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Meet DABUS: An Artificial Intelligence Machine Hoping to Maintain Two Patent Applications in its own Name
August 22, 2019
Post by Tina G. Yin Sowatzke, Pharm.D.
Tina G Yin-SowatzkeThree patent offices face questions stemming from the growing implications of artificial intelligence (AI) disrupting the intellectual property legal framework. The United States Patent Office (USPTO), European Patent Office (EPO), and United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) recently received two patent application filings directed to a beverage container and a flashing device used .......
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Rapper Sues the Makers of Fortnite Claiming Copyright Infringement of Dance Moves
December 07, 2018
Post by Brandon W. Clark
Rapper 2 Milly has filed a copyright and right of publicity lawsuit against the makers of the Fortnite video game claiming that they are illegally using a dance move that he created in their wildly popular video game. The Brooklyn-based rapper, whose real name is Terrence Ferguson, alleges that Fortnite-maker Epic Games is misappropriating his dance moves without permission, compensation, or credit........
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AUTM’s Recommends Narrow Changes to NIST on the ROI Initiative
July 27, 2018
Post by Oliver P. Couture, Ph.D.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently issued a public Request for Information for the Return on Investment (ROI) Initiative. The Association of Technology Managers (AUTM), who supports the ROI Initiative, stresses in their response that the fundamental principles of the Bayh-Dole Act be preserved. As pointed out by AUTM, Bayh-Dole has significantly contributed to the comm.......
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Just Because It’s Nanoscale, Doesn’t Mean It’s Not a Big Deal
March 09, 2018
Post by Jonathan L. Kennedy
Nanotechnology has been taking innovation by storm for decades now and its only increasing its footprint. This is reflected in the growing number of granted patents and published applications directed to nanotechnology inventions. For example, according to StatNano (an organization that monitors and publishing information regarding nanotechnology global developments), more than 20,000 granted patents and patent .......
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Survey Shows Academic Intellectual Property is Growing
December 19, 2017
Post by Patricia A. Sweeney - Of Counsel
Academic research effort continues to grow according to results from the annual survey of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM). The recently released survey of 195 universities, hospitals and other research institutions reflects increases in many areas of inventive efforts. The number of invention disclosures in 2016 increased 8.7% since 2012, and provisional patent application filings .......
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Surge in Patent Applications Related to 3D Printing: Is Yours One of Them?
July 26, 2017
Post by Jonathan L. Kennedy
The USPTO recently released statistics that over 8,000 patent applications were filed in 2016 related to 3D printing (additive manufacturing). Some of the interesting 3D printing inventions that have been subject to publicity include,prosthetic hands and fingers for children without fingers, three-dimensional bioprinting of human-compatible vascularized tissue developed by graduate students at Harvar.......
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USPTO Data Visualization Center
November 10, 2016
Post by Jonathan L. Kennedy
Jonathon L. Kennedy Have you ever wondered how long the typical time before a first Office Action in a pending patent or trademark application is?  Or am I the only one waiting for some months after filing an RCE to have my patent application reexamined?  Or what is the average length of time a patent application or trademark application is examined before allowance?  The USPTO Data V.......
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Avoiding Pitfalls in European filings Subsequent to Filing a United States Patent Application
February 04, 2016
Post by Blog Staff
Paul S. Mazzola When filing a European patent application subsequent to a United States patent application, via Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) or otherwise, it is essential to draft the claims (and preferably the written description) with an eye to, and a working knowledge of, the intricacies of European Patent Laws. Merely appending foreign filing documents to a copy of the United S.......
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Programming note
September 22, 2009
Post by Blog Staff
As many have surely noticed, while we have covered the major issues that have arisen, the pace of posts here at Filewrapper has slowed down of late. This is a reflection of the recent demands of the actual practice of law. The good news is the blogging pace should pick up soon, and look for the rate of posts to be back at its normal level in the coming weeks.....
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Patry copyright blog is no more
August 03, 2008
Post by Blog Staff
It's a sad day in the blogosphere, as Bill Patry, author of Patry on Copyright and the Patry Copyright Blog, has announced he is shutting down his blog. We've linked to Professor Patry's commentary on copyright law on many occasions, and his additional insight into copyright issues will be missed.Other blogs noting his departure:Chicago IP litigation blog Fire of Genius Patently-O Rob HyndmanHe prov.......
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The clear target of the new continuation and claim limit rules: Thomas Edison
October 08, 2007
Post by Blog Staff
This was received over email today. While we have not verified the information, it shows that the new rules arguably do not "Promote the Progress of Science and Useful Arts." THANK GOODNESS FOR COMMISSIONER DUDAS AND HIS NEW RULESBefore the new rules, one New Jersey inventor amassed 394 patents with more than 5 independent claims, 21 of which had more than 25 total claims. This, of course is now prohib.......
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The Federal Circuit turns 25
October 01, 2007
Post by Blog Staff
Today marks the 25th anniversary of the existence of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. On April 2, 1982, President Reagan signed the Federal Courts Improvement Act, Pub. L. No. 97-164, 96 Stat. 25, which created the Federal Circuit. The Act took effect on October 1, 1982, which marked the date when the Federal Circuit came into existence. The court represents the combination of the Co.......
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Federal Circuit changing its domain name effective October 1
August 24, 2007
Post by Blog Staff
According to an announcement on the Federal Circuit's webpage, the court will be changing its domain name effective October 1, 2007. The change from to will bring the Federal Circuit in line with the other courts of appeal, whose domain names are (where # is the circuit number or "dc" for the DC Circuit).The new site is not yet up and runn.......
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Happy Valentine's Day!
February 14, 2007
Post by Blog Staff
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