FTC Issues Rule Banning Non-Competes

By Nicholas J. Krob

Last week, the Federal Trade Commission’s “Non-Compete Clause Rule” was published in the Federal Register. This rule, which was issued last month and is set to come into effect on September 4, 2024, will have significant implications in terms of non-compete clauses and corresponding contracts if adopted. At their most basic level, non-compete clauses are […]

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What’s in a Name? Understanding the Federal Seed Act and USDA Variety Name Clearance Program

By Melissa M. Mitchell

The name of a plant variety is not just a label; it’s a representation of years of research,development, and distinct characteristics. Variety names serve as a crucial communication toolamong farmers, researchers, distributors, and consumers. Whether it’s a new soybean cultivarresistant to common diseases or a high-yield wheat variety, the name is the first point ofreference […]

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Vanessa Lancaster, Ph.D., Joins McKee, Voorhees & Sease, PLC

MVS is excited to announce that Vanessa Lancaster, Ph.D., has joined MVS as Senior Counsel and Patent Attorney in the Biotechnology and Chemical Practice Group. Vanessa is a registered Patent Attorney with over 14 years’ experience prosecuting patents in all areas of the life sciences including medical and agricultural technologies such as transgenic organisms, molecular […]

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