Can I Copyright My Logo?


Yes, logos are copyrightable, assuming, that the logo was independently created and possesses a sufficient level of creativity. First, to be clear, copyrights and trademarks are very distinct. Generally, copyrights protect original works of authorship (e.g., music, books, art, movies, etc.), and trademarks serve as source identifiers to convey the origin of goods or services […]

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What is Assignor Estoppel and What Implications Remain Post Minerva?

By Blog Staff

Particularly within the patent industry, it is common to see that an employment agreement contains a provision where an employee agrees to assign the rights in any future inventions developed during the course of employment to the employer. Provided the prevalence of assignments filed in patent applications, inventors and patent owners should be aware as […]

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Export of Seeds Protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights: Despite Countries Enhancing Regulations, Foreign Certificates Provide More Comprehensive Protection

By Sarah M.D. Luth

Shine Muscat grapes are a premium grape variety originally developed in Japan. They are particularly desirable because they are large, seedless, and have a high sugar content. Depending on location, the grapes can cost around 6,000 yen per pound (approximately $54 USD per pound), nearly 30 times the price of average green grapes in the […]

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Your Friendly Reminder to Avoid the Temptation to Use USOPC Trademarks

By Gregory Lars Gunnerson

The race for the most gold medals during the 2020 Summer Olympics (informally “Tokyo 2020” and more formally “the Games of the XXXII Olympiad”) has now come to a close, and what a spectacle it was! Individuals, news outlets, and official Olympic sponsors are generally free to post and tweet about the games and athletes […]

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