“Green” Patent Protection: A Filewrapper┬« Series on Environmental Technology and Patent Protection-Part I

Mounting scientific evidence that the global climate is changing has sparked a new wave of innovation in the field of environmental technologies. Many of these improvements to existing technologies have been patented and licensed, enhancing the financially lucrative nature of research and development in this industry. However, in some instances, despite technological advances, environmental harm […]

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You May Enforce Your Trademark Right Across Border After All

Bayer owns and uses the FLANAX trademark in Mexico to sell a pain reliever product. Neither Bayer nor its sister company in the US registered the FLANAX trademark in the US, but rather use another trademark, ALEVE, to sell the same product here. In 2004 Belmora registered FLANAX in the US for sales of a […]

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Federal Circuit Provides Opening for Patent Eligibility of Software and Computer-Based Inventions

The United State Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has provided clarity this week regarding the patent eligibility of computerized processes. On Tuesday, the appellate court issued its ruling in McRO, Inc. v. Bandai Namco Games America Inc. et. al., wherein it reversed the lower court’s ruling that patents on lip-sync technology were invalid […]

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The Contested Ownership of “This Land Is Your Land”

In the wake of litigation surrounding the classic song “Happy Birthday to You,”a class action suit has been filed addressing the classic folk song “This Land Is Your Land.”The class action case seeks to liberate the well-known song and place it in the public domain. It was filed on behalf of the band Satorii, which […]

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The Importance of Deposit Copies in Copyright Litigation

Two of the most notorious copyright litigation cases in recent years share one thing in common, neither jury was allowed to compare the audio recordings of the songs in question. The rulings in both the “Blurred Lines”and “Stairway to Heaven”cases show how important it is to file accurate and complete deposit copies with the US […]

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