If there are no sources of proof in the Eastern District of Texas, expect to be transferred

After the Fifth Circuit's Volkswagen and the Federal Circuit's TS Tech decisions, potential patent plaintiffs should be getting the message: Don't file in the Eastern District of Texas unless there are actually some sources of proof there. The Federal Circuit has again granted mandamus ordering the district court to transfer another case out of the […]

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Are patent holding companies subject to different DJ jurisdiction standards than others?

According to the Federal Circuit, the answer to this question appears to be "yes." The court reversed a district court's dismissal of a declaratory judgment action against a patent holding company (or non-practicing entity (NPE), sometimes pejoratively referred to as a patent troll). The DJ action was predicated on three letters, the first from the […]

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Common sense held sufficient to invalidate claims as obvious on summary judgment

If anyone needed further proof that patents are more easily held obvious after KSR, look no further. The Federal Circuit held that a patent directed to a method of email marketing with improved efficiency was obvious based on the "common sense" of one in the art. The claimed method had four steps, the fourth of […]

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USPTO to allow accelerated examination for “green” applications without examination support document

In a press release yesterday, the USPTO announced it was beggining a pilot program to permit accelerated examination of patent applications directed to "green" technologies. The announcement came on the same day that the EPA announced it considers greenhouse gases a threat to public health and the environment. The announcements came just before the start […]

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