Insufficient enforcement activity in district by patentee leads to dismissal of DJ action

In a decision Monday, the Federal Circuit affirmed a district court's dismissal of a declaratory judgment action against a British patentee for lack of personal jurisdiction. The facts of the case are similar to the Avocent case decided a few months ago. Here, the patentee's only contacts with the district in which the action was […]

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Patentee’s commercial sales not relevant for personal jurisdiction in DJ action

In a decision addressing personal jurisdiction in declaratory judgment actions, the Federal Circuit affirmed a district court's dismissal of an action against a foreign patent owner. The plaintiff sought a declaration that two patents owned by a Taiwanese company were invalid and not infringed in the plaintiff's home forum, the Northern District of Alabama. The […]

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When compounds in a class have divergent properties, positional isomer not obvious

In a decision Wednesday, the Federal Circuit affirmed a district court's determination that the asserted claims in a pharmaceutical patent were not proven obvious. As is common in pharmaceutical cases, the defendant filed an ANDA asserting the patent covering the compound and its use was invalid, and in the ensuing infringement suit admitted its proposed […]

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