Hybrid vehicle patent not infringed; invalidity issues need not be reached on appeal from ITC

In an appeal from the International Trade Commission, the Federal Circuit affirmed the Commission's determination of noninfringement of a patent. The court, however, did not consider the ITC's finding of nonenablement on appeal. While in the context of a district court case a counterclaim for invalidity is not mooted by a finding of noninfringement, the […]

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Claim term construed by construing different term in specification deleted from claim

In a decision last week, the Federal Circuit affirmed-in-part and vacated-in-part a district court's summary judgment of noninfringement based on a revised claim construction of two claim terms. The court, in somewhat of a departure from its typical practice, also construed one additional term that appeared likely to be relevant on remand, but which did […]

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USPTO files notice of appeal in claim and continuation rules case

As expected, this morning the USPTO filed a notice of appeal to the Federal Circuit in the lawsuit challenging its new claim and continuation rules. The USPTO will seek reversal of the district court's order finding the new rules exceeded the USPTO's rulemaking authority. We'll continue to monitor the case as it proceeds through briefing […]

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District court’s claim construction too narrow, but noninfringement finding affirmed anyway

In a decision yesterday, the Federal Circuit held that a district court construed a claim limitation too narrowly. However, even under the broader construction, summary judgment was still appropriate, because there was no genuine issue of fact that the accused method still did not practice that element, either literally or under the doctrine of equivalents. […]

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Thursday at the Federal Circuit: In re Bilski oral arguments on scope of patentable subject matter

This Thursday, the Federal Circuit will hear oral arguments en banc in In re Bilski (No. 2007-1130), a case that will help define the scope of patentable subject matter. Numerous amicus briefs have been filed in the case, and perhaps most interestingly, two of the amici, Bank of America and Regulatory DataCorp, have been granted […]

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What’s new at the USPTO: Markush rules comments, new PPH, and pre-first action interview pilot

There have been a few new things relevant to the USPTO in the past couple of weeks that we haven't had a chance to talk about. They include more comments regarding the proposed rules regarding Markush claims, a new Patent Prosecution Highway with the European Patent Office, and a pilot program where patent applicants would […]

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Offer of judgment providing full recovery mooted case, preventing opinion regarding spoliation

In a decision Tuesday, the Federal Circuit vacated a district court's order denying a declaratory judgment plaintiff attorney fees, but including a scathing description of alleged spoliation by the patentee/DJ defendant. The Federal Circuit held that the district court's decision was an improper advisory opinion, and therefore vacated with instructions to dismiss.The patentee, before bringing […]

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