Are Patents by State Universities More Valuable?
February 07, 2017
Post by Xiaohong Liu, Ph.D.

Post By Xiaohong Liu A recent USPTO Patent and Trial Appeal Board ("PTAB‚¬) decision begs the question whether patents owned by State Universities have increased value. The case, Covidien LP v. University of Florida Research Foundation Inc., held that patents assigned to State universities cannot be challenged in popular inter parties review (IPR) proceedings, because of sta....... Read More

When the Unthinkable Happens: IP Considerations for Bankruptcy
February 01, 2017
Post by Caitlin M. Andersen

Post By Caitlin M Anderson In the event that the unthinkable happens and bankruptcy becomes the only course of action for businesses, having not only a good bankruptcy attorney, but also having an involved IP attorney is vital to ensure that rights in valuable intellectual property are appropriately addressed and maintained. A basic understanding of Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 commercial bank....... Read More

Copyright Infringement and Fair Use in a Digital World
January 26, 2017
Post by Brandon W. Clark

Post By Brandon Clark In the most general sense, copyright infringement is copying, or using, a work protected by copyright without permission from the copyright owner. Almost inevitably, soon after you hear the words "copyright infringement‚¬, you will also hear the words "fair use‚¬. Fair use is one of the most frequently discussed defenses to copyright infringement but it is also ....... Read More

Trading Technologies: Successful Software Patents
January 20, 2017
Post by Blog Staff

Post By Blog Staff In Trading Technologies v. GQG, the Federal Circuit addressed the patentability of software directed to a specific purpose. Trading Technologies owns patents for a computerized method and system for trading stocks, and other related goods. The method relies on improved software and user interface to facilitate stock transactions at a faster and more effici....... Read More

USPTO Released Its 2016 Performance and Accountability Report
January 13, 2017
Post by Jonathan L. Kennedy

Post By Jonathon L. Kennedy The USPTO published its annual Performance and Accountability Report for the 2016 fiscal year. The Report tracks "agency's progress toward meeting goals outlined in our 2014-2018 Strategic Plan: optimizing patent quality and timeliness; optimizing trademark quality and timeliness; and providing domestic and global leadership to improve intellectual property policy, protection, an....... Read More

The Corporate King of Patents
January 13, 2017
Post by Kirk M. Hartung

Post By Kirk M. Hartung For the 24th straight year, IBM has received more U.S. patents than any other entity. In 2016, the Patent Office issued 8088 patents to IBM covering a wide range of inventions, including cloud computing, cyber security, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, health care, medical devices, and drones. These patents named over 8500 different inventors f....... Read More

Post-Grant Reviews under the America Invents Act
January 05, 2017
Post by Blog Staff

Post By Blog Staff The America Invents Act implemented the Post-grant Review (PGR) process as a new means of challenging existing patents. PGR differs from Inter Partes Review (IPR) in that PGR allows for a wider array of invalidity challenges. One example of a new challenge allowed under PGR is the ability to challenge the claims as being indefinite. However, Post-grant Review is only available for patents....... Read More

New Year's Resolution: Trademark Review and Planning
December 29, 2016
Post by Nicholas J. Krob

Post By Nicholas Krob 2017 is fast approaching, which means one thing: It is time to select, and soon start implementing, your new year's resolution! For most businesses, there are few resolutions better than those designed to help protect the company's valuable intellectual property. Accordingly, consider making the review and maintenance of your company's trademark portfolio this yea....... Read More

Trademark Description: Does job placement software render the service of professional placement and recruitment?
December 22, 2016
Post by Blog Staff

Post By Blog Staff In 2004 JobDiva registered the service mark JOBDIVA (U.S. Registration 2,851,917, hereinafter ‚¬Ëœ917) for "personnel placement and recruitment"services. In 2005, JobDiva registered the service mark JOBDIVA (plus design) (U.S. Registration 3,013,235, hereinafter ‚¬Ëœ235) for "personnel placement and recruitment services; computer services, namely, providing databases....... Read More

Plan for the New Year, Maybe More Opinions of Counsel?
December 14, 2016
Post by Xiaohong Liu, Ph.D.

Post By Xiaohong Liu One of the most important US Supreme Court decisions in 2016 or in recent years is Halo Electronics Inc. v. Pulse Electronics Inc.  In Halo, the Supreme Court reshaped the law on enhanced damages by relaxing the standard for providing willful infringement and making it easier for patent owners to recover enhanced damages.   Before the Halo decision, obtaini....... Read More

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